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Polluting the atmosphere

The planet Earth is suffering from pollution perhaps more than anything else. The various governments are passing laws that prohibit the use of any vehicles or machinery such as exhaust pipes that emits hazardous gases or smoke beyond a certain level. However, that is not the only thing that will help in containment of these polluting forces. To avoid the spread of pollution, Catalytic Converter are used. In Pennsylvania, we at Premier Auto Exhaust, are providing solutions using Catalytic Convertors to rid the population of this problem.

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What are Catalytic Convertors?

Most of the vehicles that we use nowadays are fitted with a mechanism called Catalytic Convertors. These convertors perform the function of converting harmful compounds into harmless ones. Gases that pollute are constituted of polluting molecules. However, these polluting molecules are composed of atoms that are entirely harmless. So, a way is required to divide these harmful molecules before they are emitted in the form of smoke or harmful gases from the vehicle’s engine. This is the job of a Catalytic Convertor – a simple device that has a catalyst which speeds up the process of removing polluting molecules. The catalyst is composed of platinum, palladium, or rhodium. All of these are quite expensive compounds and as there exists a grey market for these compounds, they are many times reported in thefts also.
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