How can I place an order?

Telephone, eBay or Email us directly

How can I find an item I am looking for?

Customers can shop on eBay, or contact us directly through Phone or Email

How will I know if my order went through?

Customers will receive a tracking number within 24 hours of ordering.

I just placed an order online when will I receive it?

All items will be delivered within 1-6 business days.

Is it safe to shop online at Premier Auto Exhaust?

We are a McAfee SECURE Website, ensuring that your information is protected. McAfee SECURE tests websites daily for vulnerabilities, dangerous content and links that expose consumers’ computer and personal information to malicious use.


How can I track my order?

Every customer receives a tracking number with their order.

Where do you currently ship?

We ship all over North America excluding California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Alaska

I ordered multiple items will I receive them differently?

No they will be shipped together.

What courier do you use?

Purolator, UPS & Canada Post


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